Swaddle blankets
Most popular item to date!

When we had our first child and learned to swaddle and the benefits of this we always seemed to be on the hunt for the BEST swaddle blanket - size, material - all of this matters. Little did I know that one day I'd find that perfect blanket...but not till I was out of the personal need for swaddling! Always the way! I started making these for my county's welfare board. They give training and a blanket to new parents that are considered at-risk for shaken baby syndrome. What better way to calm a new baby and a new parent - swaddling! I have felt so blessed to make these and donate them that I even taught my little machine sewing club of third, fourth, and fifth graders how to make them and we donated them too.

Below are a few pictures of sets I've made as gifts and for customers! I've loved hearing from moms that they are their favorite item. The perfect swaddle = instant baby sleep.

 Matching burpy is always a good thing! This set was made in the coral chevron and in the aqua/minty chevron with swaddle and opposite burpy.

 This set was also swaddle and burpy. This burpy is not on your typical pre-fab diaper style burp cloth, but on a towel and fabric burpy. They are about the same size, but gives a lighter weight.

 Stone's precious set came with two towel style burp cloths and a few elephants.

This blanket was sent as a gift and I was so honored when mom said she wanted more! Sew away I went and sent three more for precious Presley.
A few more boys were born around here and so we needed some blues and greens.

And always some girly colors....

 Swaddle blankets measure approximately 42"x 42" made with snuggle fleece fabric. They are $20 with a name or 3 letter monogram. Combine them with one or two burpy cloths (with 1 $26, with 2 $32).

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